Are you ready to manage your workload and lead from a place of high positive energy?

Ready to improve the total wellness and productivity of your team?

Ready to commit to a culture that enables each person to bring their best self to work, rejuvenate frequently and have the emotional and mental capacity for proactive collaboration?

Programs for Individuals, Teams and Organizations 

Virtual Training

Our virtual trainings are designed to increase your total capacity by optimizing physical, emotional and mental wellbeing, as well as to create organizational mind shifts that lead to more energized and productive teams. 

Our virtual trainings range between 90 and 120 minutes and are ideal for intact teams with between 10 and 25 participants. These sessions can be delivered live and are customized to meet your needs. They include an energy assessment for all participants, group reinforcement, and timely and topical reminder content. They can also include individual coaching for select participants.

For a Team or the Enterprise

Team virtual trainings focus on:

  • The role of energy as a resource to increase individual capacity and team performance
  • Gaining a shared understanding of burnout versus regeneration
  • Stress as a means of energy generation, growth and a key contributor to achievement
  • Implementing practical tools and workplace changes to create positive shifts in overall team mentality and behavior

Following these workshops, teams should be equipped to work proactively and productively, while being attentive to their energy needs.

Cultivating energy regeneration in the workplace begins with great leadership. Our corporate workshops focus on cultural shifts and the awareness and tools to limit negative stress and promote a rhythm of excellence, optimism and sustainable performance.

While trainings are stand-alone modules, the learning and applications build on each other. We encourage participants to focus first on increasing personal capacity, then moving on to high functioning leadership, followed by building an energizing, inspiring and sustainable culture.

Increasing Personal Capacity

Science-based and proven across multiple teams and industries, these practical, fun, and energizing workshops focus on measurably building and enhancing your overall performance capacity by improving your physical, emotional and mental energy.

In each dimension of energy, you and your team will explore the dynamic relationship between energy sources; the latest advancements in performance science; key behaviors that unlock more energy; ways to mitigate the burnout factor and increase personal and team resolve; and strategies to take back control of your life to work more productively and live more sustainably. 

Physical energy

The foundation of all energy, physical energy comprises four integral factors: sleep (deep restoration and repair), nutrition (optimal management of blood glucose and cellular energy), movement (ability to efficiently transport oxygen), and daytime rest (optimizing natural body rhythms). 

Emotional energy

Emotions are simply data, cues to let us know what state we are in, how to influence it, and how to cultivate the kind of energy that best serves performance, overall health, and relationships. 

Mental energy

Our brains burn oxygen and glucose at a furious rate. If you have a manual for your car, you probably should have one for your brain. Learn the everyday actions, mindsets, supplements, and core brain activators that improve cognitive efficiency, accuracy on tasks, and sustained focus while also limiting distraction, multi-tasking and mind racing.


High Functioning Leadership with High Positive Energy

Leaders are expected to pour their energy into their teams, motivating and inspiring them. To do that, leaders have to have a high capacity within themselves. They have to be able to replenish their reservoir of strength/energy.

And, they must be able to support their team members, intentionally leading in a way that preserves and builds their energy, and empowers them to be high-performing.

Some training topics that support creating this type of leadership team include:

  • The Role Of Personal Energy in Leadership- Whatever system or leadership model you employ, regularly refueling the energy of your team is a foundational necessity.
  • Neuroscience in Trust Building – Unleashing the energy of your team is simply a balance of nurturing team members and stretching them to new heights.
  • Leadership Impact – Are your leadership behaviors delivering the kind of impact you are intending? For many leaders, the answer is no. Discover how best to align your behaviors and intended impact for the greater engagement of your team and be respected as a world-class leader.
  • Team Energy – If you’ve completed the individual energy assessment, now it’s time for your team to explore and understand the type and quantity of energy available to the team and to make simple changes to reach a measurably higher level of team performance.
  • Diamond Communication – The 4C significance used to determine the purity of diamonds is just as applicable when we’re trying to communicate with care and precision. Learning to communicate with the 4 Cs is critical to your effectiveness as a leader; Color (voice variety), Cut (words and gestures that sparkle), Clarity (clear and simple), and Carat (communicating with impact).
Inspiring & Sustainable Leadership Culture

In our fast-paced world, it can be easy to lose sight of the most important leadership principle: connecting and aligning with others.

People connect with and are inspired by their leaders. When they leave organizations, they leave because of poor management; when they stay, it’s because they’ve found a leader, a team and an organization they’re deeply invested in who values their contributions, appreciates them and encourages their growth.

To be the kind of organization that inspires, sustains and retains its top performers, you need to develop authentic and meaningful leadership qualities, then make them a critical part of your organization’s culture.

These innovative and proven training programs encourage and provide a distinctive model of leadership that all great leaders possess; the ability to motivate, communicate, and manage change. While sessions are customizable, some of the most frequently requested include: 

These courses are offered in partnership with  executive leadership firm SSCA.

Coaching Topics

These sessions are customizable according to individual needs, but focus overall on enhanced self-awareness, improved health and wellbeing, and elevated decision making. Clients who participate in energy coaching should expect to gain: 


  • A practical and fresh perspective on the role of personal energy and how it can increase your capacity
  • Critical insights on the choices you are making right now that impact your capacity
  • Guidance to keep yourself and your team in the Performance Zone
  • Practices to reduce reactivity even under high pressure and expectations
  • Mindset shifts to handle competing priorities and personal obligations in a productive and sustainable way 
Individual Executive Coaching

Our individualized coaching programs include a step-by-step game plan that empowers clients to develop the mindset and behaviors necessary to live an optimized and fully energized life.

Individualized coaching is highly customized, designed to figure out and reshape/optimize the processes and decisions that are draining your energy each day.

The Energy Coaching program generally follows these guidelines:

– Minimum 6 month engagement
– Biweekly meetings, one hour each to address new insights, behavioral design, challenges, successes and next steps
– Texting and office hours for additional support

You may purchase this package on your own, or your organization may purchase it as part of a corporate program or initiative.

Team Coaching

Ensure your team is strong, motivated and achieving with team coaching.

In our team coaching program, we work with departments, cross-functional teams and leadership/executive teams to manage specific behavioral patterns that are draining your team’s energy.

As we address your energy needs together, we’ll create actionable processes to move your team toward creating and regenerating energy so they can be more effective.

Team coaching is available as a workshop, series or long-term engagement.

Energy Management Coaching

Most leadership and developmental coaching focuses on competencies, the skills and talents required for job effectiveness and career advancement.

Energy Management is the field of capacity building, the underlying foundational energy that ignites your skill and talent, and is mostly underserved. Energy Management coaching addresses the ongoing support of mindset and behaviors necessary to live an energized and optimized life.

The purpose of this coaching program is to further customize, reinforce, deepen, and sustain the energy framework and lessons participants learned in session. 

Our coaches balance a rigorous, scientifically-grounded approach to behavioral change that’s responsive and attuned to individual goals and needs.

Topics/conversations will be customized to fit an individual or team’s experience, needs and desired outcomes. 



Wellbinars are designed to support and equip leaders and managers alike to lead more sustainably. Typically 30 to 60 minutes, each wellbinar is self-contained and educates participants on a skill, explains how to cultivate it and encourages discussion & planning.

Wellbinar Topics

Wellbinars can be purchased individually or as a package. Topics/wellbinar series can be customized to your team or organization’s needs.

Some popular topics include:

Sleep On It – The connection between quality of sleep and ideation

A True Nightmare – The evolution of sleep and how it’s destroying our productivity and limiting our lifespan

Morning People – Understanding your chronotype and when you’re most productive

RealAge – Leveraging cellular energy to enhance capacity and extend your best years

Fuel Food or Fool Food? – What you don’t feel may be limiting you

The Whole Story – A recipe for great nutrition

Motion Fitness – Why your brain needs you to move… often

Longevity – The story of blue zones and what you can do NOW to extend your lifespan

Stress Is Your Friend – How to view and leverage the vital hormone we call stress

Breathing Room – Oxygen is a competitive advantage


For Your Team

Wellbinars can focus on timely issues for your team, so you create a forum for discussion. We serve as guide and facilitator to you and your team – both while selecting and coordinating topics and while leading discussion and encouraging interaction.  

Wellbinars may be purchased individually or as a package. Topics/wellbinar series can be customized to your team or organization’s needs.

For Your Organization

Purchase a series of wellbinars to present in a town hall format, or to use on-demand as a resource library. As more employees work remotely, wellbinars provide education and connection, as well as an opportunity to create openness around wellbeing within your teams.  

Topics/wellbinar series can be customized to your team or organization’s needs.

Let’s Combine Our Energy To Make You Stronger

When you work with Regenerate, you’re taking a conscious step toward total wellness and sustained energy. We empower clients to challenge their assumptions, embrace fears, and channel their energy into developing their best and most aligned selves.

I was delighted at the outcome of our session with Andrew to inspire and renew our team’s energy and provide practical guidance for us to really rethink the way we work....I’m confident it will make us better, stronger, and even more equipped to sustain our performance and show up as role models in the organization. 

Kate Weiss

Universal McCann

Andrew was one of the best facilitators I have experienced. And the message on managing energy vs managing time hit our team at the exact right moment.  Andrew gave us sound advice and tools to enable us to get more out of our day. And tools to live an overall more healthy and fulfilling life. 

Eric Lewis

The Coca-Cola Company

Andrew Deutscher delivers outcomes, specifically empowering and equipping senior leaders with something quite significant....How to be more productive and effective while working less, building in more time for recovery from stress and overwhelm, and finding more time for the things that matter most in their lives.

Jim Hoar


Through my relationship with Andrew I have learned about why exercise, sleep and just getting away on my property worked for me when work was exceptionally fast-paced. From there, learned so much more about I could do to help myself and my colleagues, who were also really struggling with the rapidly increasing pace of work, perform.

There is not a day that goes by that I am not practicing something I learned from Andrew and his team.

Larry East

VP, Albemarle

We worked with Andrew Deutscher from Regenerate to facilitate a team session on better understanding energy as a resource, how to build and sustain it, and how to recognize the ways that our own energy impacts what we do.

The content and approach met our needs in terms of being practical, business-oriented, and team-focused. We will continue to leverage these concepts and firmly believe that more skillfully managing our energy will make us stronger and help us show up as the best of ourselves for our customers, families, and team members.

AWS Vice President for U.S. Federal

Nonprofit and Healthcare Businesses