Energy-Inspired Wellness Education


Energy-Inspired Wellness Education

Reimagining Work

As the modern work world grows more demanding, how do we ensure we have the capacity to perform and the bandwidth to recover? These Wellbinars® provide actionable tools for managing energy and ensuring sustainable high performance.

Energy-Inspired Leadership

An Energy-Inspired Leader understands the connection between energy and sustained performance. These Wellbinars® cover actionable tactics leaders can use to set expectations and inspire ongoing success.

Personal Sustainability

Coming down from high performance is inevitable but we can shift down into recovery or crash down into survival and burnout. These Wellbinars® focus on creating a virtuous performance/recovery cycle for more sustainable work.

Mental health & wellbeing

Prioritizing our mental wellbeing is important for human flourishing and business success. These Wellbinars® focus on how to build mental fortitude, supercharge cognition, and maintain your composure under high demands.

Wellbinar Delivery

Engage in 1-hour live virtual sessions that dive into health and performance science, seamlessly weaving it into daily life and work routines. Choose between standalone sessions or comprehensive series, all designed to enhance your understanding and application of compelling and practical solutions for working in today’s challenging, always-on business environment.

Wellbinars are live virtual events and can be scaled to reach a single team or your entire organization. Choose one topic or select a bundle of sessions that align with your team’s/organization’s wellbeing challenges.

Wellbinar pricing is based on the number of topics/sessions delivered and the total employees served. Our team can provide you with a specific quote based on your needs and strategic wellbeing objectives.  

Wellbinar Delivery

Our 30- and 60-minute Wellbinars® highlight performance science research and focus on specific optimizers to support your team’s energy renewal and personal sustainability efforts.

Wellbinars are live virtual events and can be scaled to reach a single team or your entire organization. Choose one topic or select a bundle of sessions that align with your team’s/organization’s wellbeing challenges.

Wellbinar pricing is based on the number of topics/sessions delivered and the total employees served. Our team can provide you with a specific quote based on your needs and strategic wellbeing objectives.  

Reimagining Work

FAST BREAK: MAXIMIZING PRODUCTIVITY. Stress and distractions can harm focus and productivity. Effective concentration strategies can help you get your best work done. Learn how sprints outperform marathons and immediate improvements for greater efficiency.

MORNING PEOPLE. Understand your chronotype to take advantage of your body’s individual rhythms. We’ll explore how, evolutionarily, we should all be morning people, the keys to an optimized morning routine, and why the best night’s sleep starts the morning before.

SAY IT AIN’T NO. Uncover the transformative impact of mastering the art of saying “No” on your health and productivity, and gain insights into respectfully declining commitments that do not align with your priorities. Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your assertiveness and reclaim control over your time and energy.  

OUT OF OFFICE. As a leader, how do you manage setting norms and expectations for remote and hybrid work? This Wellbinar shares the most important considerations when trying to foster a more flexible workplace and ensure team cohesion.

Energy Inspired Leadership

LEADERSHIP RESILIENCE. Engage and sustain your team’s energy through inspiration. Leaders will enhance their own leadership capabilities by applying the latest research on leadership resilience to energize their team members for higher productivity and greater sustainability.

NAME IT. Name It explores the power of objectively stating what is, without emotion, fear, or interpretation. This one skill can radically transform the way your team engages with one another and solves conflicts.

CLARITY IS KING. There are six dimensions of team performance, and one rises above the rest. Learn how clarity unlocks energy, improves wellbeing, and frees people to do their best work.

RSVP REQUIRED: YOU GET WHAT YOU INVITE. Understanding influence means inviting the best of people, which starts with you and how you show up. If you want to be more influential, this Wellbinar® will show you how to be more inviting.

HOW APPRECIATION APPRECIATES. Investing in appreciation is a guaranteed investment in personal and team growth. Leverage this all-important currency authentically to be a memorable and inspiring leader.

ADVERTISE INTENT. Why do we miss so often on making an impact? We forget to include the most important and integral piece of a true connection; our intent. Learn how to set clear communication goals for greater effectiveness and influence.

LAWS OF INSPIRATION. To inspire means to breathe air and purpose into someone. It’s one of the most sought-after leadership attributes. We can learn to do it well and use it to make a lasting impact.

THE SAFETY VALVE. If you are mindful and concerned about the physical safety of your people, learning how to make them feel mentally safe is just as important. Learn how psychological safety influences engagement, productivity, and sustained high performance.

Personal Sustainability

BUILT DIFFERENT. Modern work demands have increased and boundaries have disappeared, while the human performance formula remains unchanged. This Wellbinar® addresses these challenges and offers tools based on human performance science.

MORNING DO. Top performers have a consistent morning routine for stable energy, clear headspace, self-awareness, and purposeful behavior. We will explore the scientific and wellbeing benefits of a morning routine and exercises you can include to address those challenges.

WEIGHT A MINUTE. We tend to think that weight stabilization, gain, or loss is fairly straightforward, but WEIGHT A MINUTE. In this Wellbinar®, we explore what you likely don’t know about weight loss that complicates weight regulation, limits maintaining a healthy weight, and robs you of energy.

GUT INSTINCT. Foods have an incredible influence on us. Often, that influence sits outside conscious awareness, yet is still responsible for many of our actions that impact our energy, health, vitality, and overall wellbeing. Learn how food evolved from a survival-based need to a powerful and vital component of human performance.

STRESS IS YOUR FRIEND. Stress isn’t the enemy. In fact, stress can enhance resilience and performance if managed properly. This Wellbinar® covers the role of stress in the human system, the benefits of challenge stress, and building a healthy relationship with stress for growth and performance.

THE STRESS ENDEMIC. Your team brings strategic thinking and creativity, but chronic stress can constrain their abilities. We will examine how chronic stress has become one of the most significant health and performance obstacles and explore team-based tips to reduce its impact and improve energy and morale for all team members.

Mental Health

HAVE A LAUGH. The research is clear: playfulness makes us happier and unlocks energy for us to do our best work. This Wellbinar® showcases research on the benefits of playfulness and how it inspires a fulfilling life.

HEAD IN THE GAME. Successful companies consider mental wellbeing as a strategic advantage. This Wellbinar® explores global mental wellbeing data, bottom-line benefits, and leadership do’s and don’ts for a mentally healthy team or organization.

MANAGING ENERGY IN HEADWINDS. When pressures are high, how do you persist and push through? This Wellbinar® offers practical tools to minimize self-induced pressure and navigate demanding times with composure.

LIVE ON PURPOSE. Discovering your purpose is a big undertaking. It’s also one of the most powerful keys to living a longer, more energetic, and fulfilling life. In this Wellbinar®, we’ll look at the science of purpose and discuss self-reflection tools you can employ to live on purpose.

PURSUING HAPPINESS. To experience true happiness, we must understand and embrace all emotions, even negative ones. The Wellbinar® explains the psychology of happiness, how to cultivate it, and how to live joyfully and fulfilled.

“Andrew was one of the best facilitators I have experienced. And the message on managing energy vs managing time hit our team at the exact right moment.  Andrew gave us sound advice and tools to enable us to get more out of our day. And tools to live an overall more healthy and fulfilling life.”

Eric Lewis

The Coca-Cola Company

“I was delighted at the outcome of our session with Andrew to inspire and renew our team’s energy and provide practical guidance for us to really rethink the way we work….I’m confident it will make us better, stronger, and even more equipped to sustain our performance and show up as role models in the organization. “

Kate Weiss

Universal McCann

“There is not a day that goes by that I am not practicing something I learned from Andrew and his team.”

Larry East

VP, Albemarle

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