Energy-Inspired LEader

Leading With a Commitment to Sustainable High Performance 

Energy-Inspired Leader

Leading with a Commitment to Sustainable High Performance 

What Does It Mean To Be An Energy-Inspired Leader?

In today’s relentless work culture, leaders and teams are struggling with overwork and overwhelm, exhaustion, and chronic stress. To manage these challenges, they can shift the fuel that’s powering their efforts and consciously choose energy as the fuel that keeps them going.


An Energy-Inspired Leader understands the connection between energy and sustained performance, and they prioritize both performance and recovery to create a work environment/culture fueled by high positive energy.

Organizations who empower energy-inspired leaders see greater success in everything from employee engagement to retention to business success. Let’s make sure your leaders have the resources they need to lead from a place of energy and high performance.

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Struggling with the stress of an always-on workplace? Access a new resource to fuel your efforts and inspire yourself and your team.

Strengthen your Team through Energy-Inspired Leadership

Energy-Inspired Leader is a multi-touchpoint experience that focuses on the mindsets/behaviors that shape and enable high positive energy. The program includes an initial virtual team meeting, a series of one-on-one coaching sessions for leaders you choose within your organization, and a half-day workshop to cement your team’s newfound knowledge.

While we recommend clients utilize the full program in this order, we can also consult with clients about their organization’s specific needs and how our program can address them.

Virtual Learning Session

The Energy-Inspired Leader program starts with a 90-minute virtual session that establishes the concept of energy-inspired leadership for your team. In this session, we will:

  • Explore the Energy-Inspired leader DNA
  • Share evidence-based practices Energy-Inspired Leaders can use to drive sustainable work practices while minimizing exhaustion and burnout
  • Provide guidance for leaders who want to show up for their teams/organizations with high, positive energy



Length: 90 minutes

Delivery: Live Virtual

Attendees: Max 40

Energy-Inspired Leader Coaching

Following the initial session, the Energy-Inspired Leader program continues with twice-monthly 1:1 coaching sessions for the employees you choose. Over the course of three months, these sessions will:

    • Guide your leaders toward capacity-building practices
    • Support leaders as they examine physical, emotional, and mental energy deficits
    • Address leadership opportunities for connecting, communicating, engaging, and inspiring action from team members


Length: 3 month minimum

Delivery: Live Virtual on Onsite

Participants: 1

Team Workshop

Following the 1:1 coaching sessions, your team will meet with our Regenerate team for a half-day on-site or virtual workshop. During this session, we will:

  • Review the impact on their newly acquired energy-inspired leadership skills on their team members
  • Explore the specific behaviors that serve to stretch and energize their people while minimizing feelings of overwhelm and/or neglect


Length: 4 – 8 hours

Delivery: Live Virtual or Onsite

Attendees: Max 40

Let’s Talk about working together!

“Andrew was one of the best facilitators I have experienced. And the message on managing energy vs managing time hit our team at the exact right moment.  Andrew gave us sound advice and tools to enable us to get more out of our day. And tools to live an overall more healthy and fulfilling life.”

Eric Lewis

The Coca-Cola Company

“I was delighted at the outcome of our session with Andrew to inspire and renew our team’s energy and provide practical guidance for us to really rethink the way we work….I’m confident it will make us better, stronger, and even more equipped to sustain our performance and show up as role models in the organization. “

Kate Weiss

Universal McCann

“There is not a day that goes by that I am not practicing something I learned from Andrew and his team.”

Larry East

VP, Albemarle

Useful Resources on Energy-Inspired Leadership

View The Slide Share

In this self-guided presentation, you’ll gain insight into what an Energy-Inspired Leader looks like and how their actions impact the success of their teams and organizations.

Learn ways to drive sustainable performance while also honoring the need for recovery – for yourself and your team.

How Leaders Can Stop Chronic Stress From Burning Out their Teams

Working and leading in today’s workplace is exhausting. We need a new standard, one that isn’t just about flexibility or time off but that also focuses on understanding stress and its relationship to rest and sustainability.


It’s Not Hard to Work 60-Hour Weeks

It’s not hard to work 60-hour weeks…if you push everything else to the side in your life and if you de-prioritize your energy and wellbeing. Learn how to prioritize, compartmentalize and manage your workload so you can get more done in a shorter period of time and without the energy drain associated with those extra hours.


Rest: Why You Get More Done When You Work Less

Alex Soojung-Kim Pang’s book is a clear, well-researched roadmap for valuing the power of rest as a creative and performance necessity.


Seize Back Your Life and Be Fully Engaged

In my TEDx presentation, I talk about a life-changing moment and how it shifted my perspective, which then led to a shift in the way I channeled my energy and engaged – both at work and in my personal life.


“Andrew Deutscher delivers outcomes, specifically empowering and equipping senior leaders with something quite significant….How to be more productive and effective while working less, building in more time for recovery from stress and overwhelm, and finding more time for the things that matter most in their lives.”

Jim Hoar


“The content and approach met our needs in terms of being practical, business-oriented, and team-focused. We will continue to leverage these concepts and firmly believe that more skillfully managing our energy will make us stronger and help us show up as the best of ourselves for our customers, families, and team members.”

VP, US Federal, Non-Profit, & Healthcare


“Truly a wake-up call to get hold of my life in the course of real challenges and demands.”

Daryl Davis

First Horizon

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