Optimizing Performance by Regenerating Energy

At Regenerate, we work with individuals, teams and organizations. We make optimizations that change lives, mindsets and work culture. We guide people to tap into the energy they thought they’d lost, to recover and perform more strongly than ever before.

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How Do I Know Regenerate Works? I’ve Lived It.

I’m Andrew Deutscher, founder of Regenerate, and I’ve been where you are. I’ve been a corporate leader and high performer, responsible for meeting sales goals and managing national accounts.

At the same time, I’ve been a husband, a dad and a person trying to do my best at home and at work, struggling to give either area the attention it deserved, trying to find a better way to be present for my team and my family.

I’ve felt myself losing my sense of purpose and struggling to make the right decisions.

How Did I Change It?  

I had a lightbulb moment with my 5-year-old son, one that showed me I had to find a better way to live, to work, to be truly present.

From there, I re-oriented myself and made life changes to move myself from reactivity and uncertainty to proactive regeneration and purpose.

And, I’ve never looked back. In fact, I’ve spent the last 12 years  sharing my knowledge about regenerating energy and optimizing organizational culture with companies across the US and around the world.

Regenerate is the next phase of this program. I’m bringing together a team of experts to educate individual business leaders and their teams on building and preserving their energy, and on how to use it toward achieving their personal and organizational goals.

Where is Your Energy Going, and How Can You Get it Back?

Every action you take does one of two things – it either creates energy or burns energy. It refreshes and revitalizes you or it pushes you toward burnout.

That’s where focusing on regeneration makes a difference. We empower you to switch from burning up your energy and burning out to regenerating energy. When you regenerate, you’ll have the ability to lead and perform, and your team will develop the stamina to make it through tough times without crashing.


At Regenerate, we are committed to empowering people to take their lives back and to lift others up. We support our clients with science-based, forward-thinking programs and empower them to achieve results through practical mindset shifts.

While at Target, we sought the best in leadership training for our Senior Directors. These are high-performing people with very busy lives, high expectations, significant pressure to perform, and are highly ambitious.

Andrew was a regular and recurring part of our program. Not only did he receive consistently high praise from our senior leaders, but he delivered outcomes, specifically empowering and equipping them with something quite significant; how to be more productive and effective while working less, building in more time for recovery from stress and overwhelm, and finding more time for the things that matter most in their lives.

Jim Hoar

Leadership Development, Target

Andrew was one of the best facilitators I have experienced. And the message on managing energy vs managing time hit our team at the exact right moment.  
Andrew gave us sound advice and tools to enable us to get more out of our day. And tools to live an overall more healthy and fulfilling life. Book this workshop today!

Eric Lewis

The Coca-Cola Company

Thank you for pushing me to challenge my comfort zone and recognize the need for how I can be more productive and effective through how I renew my energy.

We know we should do it, but we put everything ahead of our own needs. After you do that for a long time you can feel guilty just resting or doing something for yourself.

Truly a wake-up call to get hold of my life in the course of real challenges and demands.

Daryl Davis

First Horizon

How I Opened My Eyes to The Need to Regenerate

That eye-opening moment I mentioned with my 5-year-old… this is it. Watch my TEDx Talk to hear more about:

  • How a moment on our swing set punctured my heart
  • How I realized the way I was living just wasn’t working
  • How it pushed me to make pivotal changes for my well-being and for my family

Then, learn how you can do the same, seizing back your life and becoming fully engaged and re-energized.

I brought Andrew in to lead energy management workshops for my leaders in Booz Allen’s innovation practice. They were feeling burnout from all of life’s challenges in 2020 and I wanted to re-energize them and build sustainable energy management practices for the future. Andrew’s approach is accessible, practical, and research-based. His workshops were well received and appreciated by our leaders—many of whom reached out for more engagement. I highly encourage engaging Andrew and his team at Regenerate if you would benefit from slowing down, reflecting, and building new ways to expand and sustain your energy for the things that matter.

Susan Penfield

Chief Innovation Officer and Executive Vice President at Booz Allen Hamilton

I spent an hour going over the materials with my wife (a teacher) from my energy management session. She took the assessment and scored very low.

I was speechless and tears came from my eyes. I had no idea how overwhelmed she was. I only scored a bit higher and I often come home frustrated and irritable about how much I need to do both at home and work.

Front Line Supervisor

Management Company

I am burning out and did not know it. The way I feel has become the new normal.  

I need to change. My life depends on it. Eye opening and motivating to make some small changes and not feel guilty about self-care. 

Finance Executive

Bank of America

Are You Ready to Make a Change, Get Your Energy Back and Achieve More?


We work with individuals to optimize their lifestyles and refocus their energy; with teams to rethink the way they work and build meaningful processes; and with organizations to shift their cultural mindset, use energy productively and achieve more.