5 Things to Get More Done Today

by | Aug 8, 2022 | Personal Sustainability

We live in the most stressed and distracted era in history, and that can cause our productivity to suffer. Here are five simple & well-researched steps to get more done in less time:

1. Take Breaks 

Try the Pomodoro technique (25 min. work, 5 min. break, 4x through before longer break) or work for up to 90 minutes followed by a 15–20-minute break. Breaks are countercultural in the go-getter corporate world, but you can’t win the race without taking pit stops (check out my post on the performance rhythm).

2. Prioritize and Compartmentalize 

Our founder, Andrew Deutscher, recently wrote a piece for Forbes on these critical skills. Figure out what’s most important right now, communicate to your team, and devote your full focus to it. 

Use a planner or calendar app to allot the right amount of time to each of your tasks and give your full energy to each task you face in the moment.

3. Tidy Up Your Work Environment 

Working in an organized and breathable space minimizes distractions and stress that can take away your focus. 

Pencil in a regular de-cluttering of your workspace to ensure it’s not causing you any low-level stress.

4. Take a Breath 🧘‍♀️

One deep breath is all it takes to center your mind and refocus on the task at hand. 

Before you transition to your next work task, take a breath, close your eyes, repeat a mantra…whatever it takes to forget about what just happened and lock into what’s happening now.

5. Consider Audio Entrainment Apps 🎼

I use Brain.fm to help me relax, focus, and meditate. The app plays frequencies through headphones that nudge your brain into certain states like alertness and relaxation. 

(Disclaimer: lots of critics out there don’t believe audio entrainment to be scientifically valid. Placebo or not, I’ve found it to be extremely effective.) 

And, of course, your productivity will also improve if you can effectively manage your stress. Check out this free resource from our company, Regenerate, on how to manage stress the right way as an individual, leader, or team. 

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