Mental Health Month

Stress levels are on the rise. How are you supporting your team’s mental wellbeing?

Mental Health Month

Stress levels are on the rise. How are you supporting your team’s mental wellbeing? 

Resources for Mental Health Month 

Mental health is in the spotlight for many companies dealing with exhausted employees, retention challenges and ever-present stress. 

Most companies and leaders feel they’re falling short when it comes to addressing the challenges of mental health and exhaustion in the workplace. This program empowers them to support their team members with resources that improve resilience and optimize mental wellbeing. 

Leaders can choose from a combination of Regenerate programming to support their teams in their quest for better mental wellbeing and personal satisfaction. We are offering two programs focused on mental health and wellbeing: a 90-minute live virtual workshop or a series of 60-minute live virtual Wellbinars. Organizations can choose one or both and provide their team members with resources to manage stress and increase mental resilience in the workplace. 


Give your team a better understanding of the factors that affect their mental health and wellbeing, as well as a toolset to be vigilant about their stress levels. This 90-minute live virtual workshop is appropriate for teams of up to 30 members. Additional follow-up education content is available as an add-on feature. 

Learning Objectives:

  1. How did we get here? We’ll discuss organizational responses to workplace mental health and zones of responsibility related to stress and its impact on mental health.
  2. Where do we want to be? We’ll cover mental health benefits of energy-inspired workplaces where employees tap into energy, strength, and resilience to do their best work.
  3. What can we do? We’ll share practical tools that will support and optimate your team’s mental wellbeing.

Provide Ongoing Learning With a Wellbinar Series

Wellbinars are 60-minute live virtual programs that focus on a specific area of wellbeing. These programs are scalable and can focus on a single team, cross-functional group, or entire organization.

Companies can choose the number and frequency of Wellbinars that best meet their teams’ needs. You can schedule a single Wellbinar focused on an important issue for your team, can schedule one a week for several weeks, or can schedule a weeklong Wellbinar series. Below are the top-requested Wellbinars that correlate with Mental Health Month; however, you can also view and choose from our full list of Wellbinar topics.

STRESS IS YOUR FRIEND. Stress isn’t the enemy. In fact, stress can enhance resilience and performance if managed properly. This Wellbinar® covers the role of stress in the human system, the benefits of challenge stress, and building a healthy relationship with stress for growth and performance.

COMMAND YOUR COGNITION. Control your mind so it doesn’t control you. This Wellbinar focuses on key skills to add to your mental toolkit so you can unstick your brain and ensure you have the capacity to manage your daily routine.

HAVE A LAUGH. Research shows playfulness makes us happier and unlocks energy so we can do our best work. In this Wellbinar, you’ll learn about the performance science associated with humor and happiness, as well as simple practices for injecting more joy into your daily work routine.

HEAD IN THE GAME. Constant stress is a drain on the collective mental wellbeing of organizations, as well as a detrimental impact on the wellbeing of individuals. Successful companies consider mental wellbeing a strategic and competitive advantage. In this Wellbinar, we’ll look at how an investment in mental health supports your bottom line and provide practical recommendations for leading a mentally healthy team. 

LIVE ON PURPOSE. Discovering your purpose is one of the most powerful keys to living a longer, more energetic, more fulfilling life. In this Wellbinar, we’ll discuss the science of purpose, how the world’s greatest performers have a strong connecting with their deeper goals, and self-reflection tools you can employ to live on purpose.

PURSUING HAPPINESS. Everyone wants to be happy. But, to truly benefit from happiness, we need to understand how to relate to and manage all our emotions. In this Wellbinar, we define what happiness really means, how to cultivate it, and how to connect with true happiness to live with greater fulfillment.

about regenerate

“Andrew was one of the best facilitators I have experienced. And the message on managing energy vs managing time hit our team at the exact right moment.  Andrew gave us sound advice and tools to enable us to get more out of our day. And tools to live an overall more healthy and fulfilling life.”

Eric Lewis

The Coca-Cola Company

“I was delighted at the outcome of our session with Andrew to inspire and renew our team’s energy and provide practical guidance for us to really rethink the way we work….I’m confident it will make us better, stronger, and even more equipped to sustain our performance and show up as role models in the organization. “

Kate Weiss

Universal McCann

“There is not a day that goes by that I am not practicing something I learned from Andrew and his team.”

Larry East

VP, Albemarle

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