Live and Virtual Customized Training

Increase Personal Capacity

This module targets individual health and wellbeing and the importance of physical and mental health in every-day high level functioning. The objectives of this module are to sustain high performance, enhance vitality, and increase energy to maintain and stay ahead of the pace of change.

Topics include:

Integrated health

Energy Management

Performance science

Mental health

Burnout avoidance

Cognitive efficiency

Personal resilience

Stress science

Understanding thought patterns


Mind racing

Lead with High Positive Energy

This module targets high-functioning leadership behaviors. We all are influenced to a large degree by our state, or our own reservoir of capacity. After module 1, leaders will be in a much better state to ensure they are fit to lead high performing teams and to regularly renew the energy of team members.

Topics include:

The role of personal energy in leadership

Neuroscience in trust building

Leadership impact

Team energy

Decision science

Communicating with Clarity

Inspire Progress

This module targets inspiring and sustainable leadership to advance critical agendas. Why should people follow their leader? That is the primary question we will explore in this module to help leaders develop the authentic and meaningful leadership qualities that their people are looking to them for. The program will close with a key insight for leaders to better tap their people’s human need for growth by focusing on and balancing a distinctive model for those they lead: Guidance + Freedom.

Topics include:

Inspirational leadership

Challenge Stress

Direct report nurturance

The art and science of delegation

Workplace civility and dignity

All programs are customized. All modules are self contained and can be implemented as a standalone.

The program may also include individual and group coaching in between modules/sessions to reinforce the learning and sustain the momentum of embedding new behaviors into leader and team interactions.

Personal Energy Management Coaching

The ongoing support of mindset and behaviors necessary to live an optimized and fully energized life. Focus areas include enhanced self-awareness, improved health and wellbeing, performance and positive psychology, and elevated decision making. I help my clients challenge their assumptions, embrace fears, and channel their energy into developing their best and most aligned selves.

How it works:

The coaching takes on the form of regular interactions more conducive to helping my clients learn and adapt at the point of need. As a result, I atypically take a more frequent, open, and fluid approach to my interactions supported by a minimum level of baseline coaching and support to address specific internal thoughts and reactions relative to external challenges.

Monthly retainer – minimum 2x 45-minute sessions per month

1:1 texting for real-time issues and concerns (response times obviously vary) anytime Mon-Sun 8a-8p

Open hours: Open to phone calls at any time between 10a-5p weekdays and anytime for personal and timely urgent events

Blended Digital Program

Regenerate – The Key Shifts You Must Make to Avoid Burnout and Create All-Day Energy. Working more hours is NOT a good strategy to get ahead. In an era of high demand and increased obligations, how can you consistently get more done in less time, improve performance, while mitigating burnout, and free up more time for the things that matter most to you? The program includes a step-by-step game plan to help participants end the exhaustion, and instead wake up each morning feeling refreshed, energized, and excited for the day ahead.

How it works:

This program is an 8-week virtual program blended with live training, ongoing application and coursework, and a shared community to drive outcomes. Each week, participants join a live, virtual training session along with an optional live, virtual QandA.

Topics include:

How to massively ramp up productivity without resorting to sugar, energy drinks, or additional caffeine

Reduce reactivity even under high pressure and expectations

Simple steps to transition from ‘work mode’ to ‘home mode’

Reduce reactivity even under high pressure and expectations

How to deal with competing priorities and personal obligations in a productive and sustainable way


An ongoing series of total health webinars will support and equip leaders and managers alike to live more sustainably. Designed for 30 minutes to an hour, each topic is selfcontained and draws on the following sequence: What is the skill? Why is it important? How do you cultivate it? What are examples of this in action?

Topics include:

Sleep On It – The connection between quality of sleep and ideation

A True Nightmare – The evolution of sleep and how it’s destroying our productivity and limiting our lifespan

Morning People – Understanding your chronotype and when you’re most productive

RealAge – Leveraging cellular energy to enhance capacity and extend your best years

Fuel Food or Fool Food? – What you don’t feel may be limiting you

The Whole Story – A recipe for great nutrition

Motion Fitness – Why your brain needs you to move… often

Longevity – The story of blue zones and what you can do NOW to extend your lifespan

Stress Is Your Friend – How to view and leverage the vital hormone we call stress

Breathing Room – Oxygen is a competitive advantage