About Us

Hey, I’m Andrew Deutscher. Here’s a quick story, a pivotal moment in time that changed the trajectory of my life…

One afternoon I was pushing my 5 year old son on the swingset, while also checking my emails and working from my phone. I was so absorbed in my work it took my son literally screaming my name for me to hear him. He asked me, “Dad, why do you go to work if you just do work at home?” That was it, my lightbulb moment. That simple question that punctured a hole in my heart and I realized the way I was working just wasn’t working. My life was no longer my own. I was stuck.

Ever since, I’ve been committed to solving the seemingly unsolvable. The problem we all know we have, but just don’t think we can solve. Finding a way to balance our demanding careers, increased obligations, unbounded technology while simultaneously making advancements and enjoying your life is no easy feat. Put simply, creating a workplace that works in the context of a life that works – an idyllic, yet challenging reality – is now more accessible and realistic than ever before.

That is why I founded Regenerate, to offer proven tools and solutions to professionals who want to perform, be more optimistic, show up at their best for others, and have energy for the things that matter most to them without all the anxiety, distraction, uncertainty, and overwhelm.

That is exactly what I can teach you.

But first, let’s get to know each other.

In 2007 I was a very successful salesman for Sony Pictures. I moved my family from New York City to Atlanta, GA, for a promotion to a senior executive sales position. Just two years later, Sony issued sweeping cutbacks, and after a decade with the company, I was laid off. Overnight, my 16-year career in the television industry was over. Suddenly, I found myself in an unfamiliar city with no job, a second baby on the way, and a new house rapidly declining in value.

Not long after, I was approached with tempting offers, but my passion for the industry was gone. Initially, I had been driven by the sheer pace of it all—an industry hurtling forward amidst the glamour of Hollywood. I had a great reputation, I was a top seller, we generated vast amounts of revenue, and it was all incredibly exciting—until it wasn’t. I was traveling 45 weeks a year, the industry was consolidating, and while expectations continued to swell, recognition continued to shrink. I had completely lost my sense of purpose and a huge void swept over my life rendering me uncertain and fearful about what to do next.

So, in a complete reversal from my natural instinct for action, I decided to take a risk: I decided not to pursue any offers. I needed to focus more fully on my family and rethink what I really wanted out of life. I wanted a position that fueled fulfillment and growth.

While I was still with Sony, I had participated in an executive training program designed to teach individuals the behaviors that fuel their energy and strengthen their sense of purpose. It was one of the most profound and important programs I had ever experienced.

During this difficult transition in my life, I thought about these principles constantly. I thought about what my passions were, what I was good at, what I was good for. There must be a way that I can use my passions to contribute to something, to connect with people, to have a broad and beneficial impact on the world. And, the best way to do that was through connecting with people and teams who had big ideas and challenges.

I had extensive presentation experience through my work at Sony, and I’d completed rigorous coaching and training with top speakers in Atlanta, one of the top NSA chapters. Sparking and creating meaningful change, helping others recapture their days so they can recapture their lives makes me come alive—it makes me want to learn more, do more, make things happen, and explore even greater heights for myself and with others.

So, I committed to taking my life back and sharing my experiences to lift others. The programs I’ve developed and offer are science-based, forward thinking, and cutting edge principles with practical steps that allow you to take your energy back and regenerate your life. Over the past decade I have addressed audiences at some of the most progressive and fastest growing companies around the world, including Apple, Intel, Coca-Cola, Genentech, Nestle, 3M, and many others. My purpose and passion is to share what I know and implement in my own life with professionals around the world.

So, buckle up and let’s do this.

I am burning out and did not know it. The way I feel has become the new normal. I need to change. My life depends on it. Eye opening and motivating to make some small changes and not feel guilty about self-care.

– Finance executive, Bank of America

While at Target, we sought the best in leadership training for our Senior Directors. These are high-performing people with very busy lives, high expectations, significant pressure to perform, and are highly ambitious. We brought in Andrew repeatedly to work with them because not only did he receive consistently high praise from our senior leaders, but he delivered outcomes, specifically empowering and equipping them with something quite significant; how to be more productive and effective while working less, building in more time for recovery from stress and overwhelm, and finding more time for the things that matter most in their lives.

— Jim Hoar, Leadership Development, formerly at Target

Life changing. Andrew’s program was a huge win!

– Whitney Wright, formerly at Time Inc.

I spent an hour going over the materials with my wife, a teacher, from my time with Andrew’s energy management session. She took the assessment and scored very low. I was speechless and tears came from my eyes. I had no idea how overwhelmed she was. I only scored a bit higher and I often come home frustrated and irritable about how much I need to do both at home and work.

– Front line supervisor, manufacturing company

Thank you for pushing me to challenge my comfort zone and recognize the need for how I can be more productive and effective through how I renew my energy. We know we should do it, but we put everything ahead of our own needs. After you do that for a long time you can feel guilty just resting or doing something for yourself. Truly a wake-up call to get a hold of my life in the course of real challenges and demands. Thank you!

– Daryl Davis, First Horizon

As a business and team leader, the energy of my team is critical. Finding ways to ensure they are managing their own self-care, building healthy and positive relationships, and working productively is a challenge given how fast moving and the kind of client responsiveness we need to serve our internal customers at a premier media agency. As such, I was delighted and excited at the outcome of our session with Andrew Deutscher to inspire and renew our team’s energy and provide practical guidance and the awareness for us to really rethink the way we work. We are still talking about the session and how much we all individually got out of it. As a team, I’m confident it will make us better, stronger, and even more equipped to sustain our performance and show up as role models in the organization.

– Kate Weiss, Universal McCann